EDI/B2B Options

Should you own your own EDI system yourself, or hand it over to a third party? Which is best for your company?

Below is a list of typical EDI Tasks within a company. You can choose to delegate this list In-House or outsource to a Third Party Cloud.

EDI Outsourcing

Sometimes your IT team may not understand the business implications of EDI, and the business unit does not have the technical skill to do the needed EDI implementation, setup, and streamline the process.If you are too small to have a dedicated EDI team, a great option is to hire a third-party cloud provider such as Sea-Level Solutions (SLS). Hiring the resources of an outside expert allows implementations to be done quickly and in a more cost effective manner. Budgeting a yearly dollar amount for managed services versus hiring a dedicated resource in house can reduce the TCO of B2B and EDI operations and use internal resources where they are needed most.

In-House EDI

This option gives you complete ownership of your EDI system. It can be the most cost-efficient option in the long term as the only recurring fees are for the EDI system’s licensure. You can have the flexibility of supporting your system internally and monitor daily operations and performance.

SLS Can Help with Both Options
SLS provides both a Third Party EDI Cloud and On-Premise EDI Software. No matter which of these options best fits your company’s needs, you’ll likely need some help figuring out first steps to set-up EDI. Sea-Level Solutions(SLS) offers multiple solutions to help your organization, including EDI development, proof of concepts, EDI consulting, and support. We can help evaluate your ‘As Is, To Be’ environment to determine the best B2B integration solution for your business. Contact us for NO Set-up Fee today!

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