What is EDI?

EDI (electronic data interchange) is the electronic language of business information using a standardized format between trading partners. EDI provides a common business language that facilitates business partner onboarding anywhere in the world, streamlining your ability to enter new territories and markets. The language communicated between trading partners include invoices, purchase orders, advance ship notices and other transactions necessary to exchange data.

EDI replaces postal mail, fax, email and other manual processes with transaction sets that are coded and sent to back and forth between buyers and suppliers internal system in REAL TIME!

SLS is Here to Help!
Our Sea-Level Solutions(SLS) Team is here to help you throughout your process, no matter what you currently have or plan to have. We have experience not only hosting a Third Party Cloud, but also implementing and integrating on premise software. SLS also offers multiple solutions to help your organization, including EDI development, proof of concepts, EDI consulting, and support.In order to find the best and most effective way to implement EDI into your company, we offer a no-cost assessment of your current "As-Is" environment and will provide a strategic roadmap to your "To-Be" environment.

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